A very personal and powerful mini-movie from Bilal raising awareness to autism. The song was written as a tribute to his oldest son who is autistic. As an Autism advocate he led the 2010 Walk Now for Autism Speaks on the National Mall.

The largest crowd ever assembled in our nation’s capital for autism walked from the Capitol Building to the Washington Monument and raised over $750,000 for research, awareness, family services, and advocacy. For more information and to lend your support, please visit Autism Speaks.

They say it’s gonna take a miracle to bring you back again
They say there’s nothing they can do
But I’m not the only one who sees the possibility in you
You know your mama sees it too

No matter what it takes
I’ll make sure that you find, you find your way
I’ll know how hard you’ve been tryin’
Little one

VIDEO PREMIERE // Bilal “Little One” from Centric TV on Vimeo.