Ok, so I’m headed out the door and going home for the evening. Around this time I’m usually catching up on emails and responding back to my text messages. As I scrolled through my phone, I got one particular message from my GFM crew that ’bout made me throw my damn phone. They gave me this “exciting” news:

“On the Kenny Burns Show, Luda is in the studio playing his new album….his fave…”Sex Room” featuring…..your boy Trey Songz!!! Lol!!!!”

I’m saying to myself ain’t this a b*****h?!? Now for those of you who personally know me, you already know I was calling on Jesus to hold my mule because my inner Florida Evans was starting to come out again.

Now, I looove Luda. I would be a fool to say I didn’t enjoy his lyrical analogies, impressive similes and cleaver satire. However, I’m so disappointed with these “flavor of the month” artist cameos on every body’s damn album!!! I mean really – Trey is soooo saturated in the market right now that unfortunately I’m sick and tired of him!!! Get off my damn radio!!! B*****h be gone!!!! And it ain’t just Trey because they’re “puff, puff and giving” Nicki Minaj on every body’s album like a stash of weed on a “Next Friday” movie. It might look like this:



When it all boils down, the artists are just a reflection of this sad system. What I’m really pissed off with is the mediocre state of music. It’s reminds me of the failing American auto industry who wanted people to buy American cars and receive bailout dollars but hadn’t showed any innovation to justify what they were asking for. Tell me how the hell you expect me to pay for your music when it sounds like the same mess I hear everywhere else?!?! Why should I support your video when it’s the same damn treatment from your last video!?! Give me one reason why I should see you in concert when your show looks like garbage and you got half your family members on stage who I ain’t pay to see!?! Who the hell are these people?!?! It’s like nobody wants to be real artists!!! For God sake, give me a break and “grow the hell up”!!!

With so much mess in the industry, good artists and music seem to be forgotten. They’re seen as replaceable commodities. Well, this was the reason for the birth of Grown Folks Music. While we are a site that “bridges the gap” from our rich past to an innovative future we do this on the foundation of real music and real artists. This ain’t about an age but it’s about an attitude!! For those of you who have misconstrued the whole concept of “Grown Folks Music”  thinking it’s music with some cuss words, a beat or yo mama’s blue light special, let me give you a short statement which sums it up!!!! Grown Folks Music – plain and simple – is a call to “grow the hell up”!!! This site ain’t about hate but we sure as hell will give you some tough love! We ain’t about coddling you with fake flattery just because everybody else is impressed with you. Hell, you ain’t Stevie Wonder -you ain’t no damn legend!! It ain’t about placating “breast milk” artists so everybody can see you riding on ’24s. When you step in this house, please know you will be questioned to the validity of your artistry, challenged to have an identity – unlike the rampant identity theft found in the industry and grilled to see if you’re really “grown enough” to handle real music! So, if you bruise easily and still sippin’ on Similac then you need to “grow the hell up” because on this site it ain’t about who’s dating who or what stupid investment you placed in your grill. In this house, it’s all about the music and if you ain’t on your game, please know this and don’t take it personal but you need to “grow the hell up”!!!

This is WestStyle Chronicles and I approve this message, damnit!!!