Ok, this is the part where I suggest some music that you need to listen to. Not that I’m not always doing that, but some music is like a sweet confection and then, some music…is like organic vegetables. I’m going to put this new offering from The Family Stand into the vegetable category.

For those of you not familiar with The Family Stand the band is comprised of Peter Lord, Sandra St. Victor and V. Jeffrey Smith. The band saw their greatest commercial success with the release of the single “Ghetto Heaven” in 1990. The hook to “Ghetto Heaven” was re-interpolated by Common for his 2001 track “Geto Heaven”.

What we should all learn is that this is never where the story ends. The Family Stand has been making great music and performing in various projects since 1990. Making what I and others classify as soul music. Soul in the sense of having something to say. Yes I know every artist claims they have something to say but often what they are saying is just par for the course: something safe like moon, spoon and June.

As you listen to this track “Story” please consider the story that is portrayed lyrically and the soundscape that it exists in aurally. Enjoy!

From the Facebook Page of The Family Stand “For the son of legendary guitarist Ronny Drayton, help The Family Stand tell the story. “Story” on iTunes NOW!”

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Story by GrownFolksMusic