New Music: Avery Sunshine: "Call My Name"

One word for this "Grown" jam: Yes. Avery Sunshine's new album, The Sunroom is out now.


GFM Spotlight Interview - Avery*Sunshine


Last week I had the distinct pleasure to interview Avery*Sunshine about her latest project The Sunroom which is truly inspirational not only in concept but also in how it was created. Avery states:

"In your Sunroom you should do whatever you want to do. It's a no judgement zone, no one should be able to come into your Sunroom and tell you what to think, or believe, what you call God or how you should love. It's your sanctuary. It's your space."

The Sunroom features many musical colors and stylings and the set begins with "Won't You Try" which is a musical homage of sorts to a sound that is embedded in a lot of us... those great Memphis Soul records from the one and only Al Green. Was that the plan from the beginning?Read more