Inside The Album Podcast #3: Brian McKnight - "I Remember You"

GFM's Inside The Album Podcast: Brian McKnight - "I Remember You" by Gfm on Mixcloud

GFM's DJKKC and Love Man sit down for a nostalgic, thoughtful and informative conversation to mark the 20th anniversary of the release of Brian McKnight's second studio album "I Remember You".

Also, check out our Music Node below to play the album in its entirety as well as purchase.

Steely Dan-The Making of Peg

With all the strides that we have made in recording and producing music, it's good to watch and learn how Grown Folks Music was made as often as you can. The tools utilized for baking(making music) may change over time but grandma's pound cake recipe still uses the same ingredients for the same result: a great cake. Enjoy!

Interview: Miss Special with TASK1ne

Miss Special catches up with TASK1ne to talk about touring, his upcoming project with Dibia$e, the Mad1ne project, making a song for
his cats, and more. Make sure to keep up with all the great interviews over on

ML Caldwell - Souls In Rotation


Whether it's our "Cover Me" series or any of the numerous spins and discussions we do over on our Facebook Page, you know that here at GFM the song is valued. In an era where throw away lyrics and repetitive melodies accompany the track musician ML Caldwell puts the song first and foremost in the new project Souls In Rotation .

ML describes the project as such "... [Souls In Rotation] was actually recorded to sound like a record or old cassette. Bucking conventionalism, this project was recorded using analog equipment. We essentially placed microphones in a room, played the songs, and chose the best take; but the quality of the songwriting has garnered much appreciation among our fans and friends."

You can add this listener as one who appreciates the craftsmanship contained herein. To preview the project go here. To purchase a copy of Souls In Rotation go here.

Checkout the single that leads of the set below...


A Luther Vandross Production

A great editorial piece on our Artist of the Month comes to us today from one of our new contributing writers - Al-Lateef Farmer. Make sure to check him out at as well as you can follow him on Twitter here.

Riding I-95 in Philly you have plenty of time for your mind to access random thoughts because you spend most of your commute starting and stopping, because traffic is seemingly always ¾ of a mile away. The other night I was cruising, singing along with a Luther CD I made a few years back, when I starting thinking of how underrated Luther is a producer and arranger. Yes, when you think of Luther Vandross, your mind immediately goes to the powerful vocal performances, his trademark “woo-ooo-ooo” and those beautiful lyrics that seem to speak for you.Read more

G Koop & O-man #13 feat Gift of Gab "Split Personality"

Kids growing up in the 80's will remember Herbie Hancock's "Rock School". I like to refer to this series from G Koop & O-man as the 21 century version of that classic series. Check it out.

kp-single-art-no-copy-e1282182557601 (1)

Kelly Price Interview-Pt. 1(The story behind "Tired")

In part one of this series we discuss Kelly's new single "Tired" which is receiving some well deserved buzz across radio, the net and wherever else great music is heard. Read more

Pro Tools 8

Pro Tools 8 shipping soon....

For all you Pro Tools fans....
Meet the new Pro Tools® 8 — the most advanced audio creation and production software, featuring a gorgeous new interface; dozens of new plug-ins; five new virtual instruments; exciting new scoring, MIDI, editing, and mixing capabilities; deeper controller integration; improved ease of installation and use; and enhanced performance. With Pro Tools 8, you get the most comprehensive music and sound creation features and functionality, and the proven, dedicated platform for world-class audio production — all in a single application. Pro Tools 8 is coming soon for Pro Tools|HD®, Pro Tools LE®, and Pro Tools M-Powered™ systems, so get ready — you’ll never work with audio the same way again.

Sneak Preview