Starpoint, initially performing under the name “Licyndiana,” was originally formed in 1969 near Annapolis, Maryland by the children of two local doctors. Kayode Adeyemo, whose parents had been immigrants from Nigeria and Barbados was born and grew up in Crownsville, Maryland.

His father, a doctor, worked with Dr. George Phillips at Crownsville Hospital. In this way, a young Kayode Ademeyo was introduced to Dr. Phillips’ four sons: Ernesto, Orlando, Greg, and George Jr. Soon thereafter, Adeyemo began jamming with the four Phillips brothers, each of whom were multi-instrumentalists. Initially, Adeyemo played bass guitar in the group.

After this foundation had stabilized, Renée Diggs came on board as the lead singer, completing the Licyndiana line-up. With so much musical/instrumental talent between them, the Phillips brothers ultimately came to specialize in particular instruments within the band, with Ernesto Phillips handling lead guitar; Orlando Phillips on bass guitar, keyboards, and saxophone; Greg Phillips on drums; and George Phillips, Jr. on keyboards.

Diggs and Adeyemo became the vocalists, with Diggs handling most of the lead parts. By the end of the 1970s, the band had scored a recording contract with Chocolate City Records, at which point they changed their name to “Starpoint.” Continue reading this article.

Source – Wikipedia

R.I.P. Renee Diggs
R.I.P. Ernesto Phillips

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