#SoulfulSaturday provides some “Medicine” from Bebe Winans & K.S!

We’ve all heard the Proverb “laughter is the best medicine”, this week #SoulfulSaturday indulges in the laughter. Laughter can heal your soul just as medicine can heal your body. “Just like Pepto Biz!” BeBe sings. Thanks to gospel singer Donald Lawrence for bringing the Korean Soul to light.

BeBe teams up with an amazing talented group of young artists from Seoul, Korea, artists that are full of #Soul. The newly formed gospel group, Korean Soul, caught BeBe’s attention from their posts featured on Instagram. BeBe was so blown away by their incredible and unique sound he sent them the track and signed them to a production deal. Check out the new easy-going, inspirational, “feel good” vibe from BeBe and Korean Soul.