Gotta give props to the good folks over at Soul Bounce for always bringing great music, new artists and concepts to the people. Well, they certainly didn’t disappoint with this one. 9 male artists covering Mary as you’ve never heard before. Each one, produced and performed magnificently but still maintaining their own artistic presence. Hard to do, when it comes to Mary, but listen for yourself and let us know what you think about it. This project is GFM Certified! Yes, Men Love Mary and we do too!

Fifteen years ago Mary J. Blige released My Life, a breakthrough album chronicling her inner struggles while catapulting her to superstardom as the Queen of Hip Hop Soul. In celebration of this milestone, we gathered nine dynamic male artists to record re-imaginings of their favorite My Life songs for Men Love Mary: A Tribute to My Life, a digital EP presented by SoulBounce. The EP is hosted by one of Bad Boy’s legendary “Hitmen,” Chucky Thompson, who was a key producer on the My Life album.

My Life was a pivotal point in Mary’s career where her voice shined as a beacon of hope and understanding to men and women all over the world. Men Love Mary: A Tribute to My Life offers a fresh perspective from Eric Roberson, Jesse Boykins III, Slakah the Beatchild, Nino Moschella, Bradd Marquis, TL Cross, Darien, D Maurice, Fave and Siik–a new generation of artists inspired by her sincerity, longevity and artistry. My Life was about Mary’s relationship with one man, and now many men have reinterpreted these songs in an effort to pay tribute to an artist who has given us so much of herself.

As a culture, we do a great job of paying tribute to our stars posthumously. Men Love Mary: A Tribute to My Life is an opportunity to celebrate our Queen and let her know how much she means to us and to music. This is our chance to honor her and give her flowers while she’s still here, and we’re sharing the bouquet with her adoring fans.

SoulBounce is proud to present to you this labor of love, Men Love Mary: A Tribute to My Life. Download the EP below and enjoy these new renditions of some of your favorites from My Life.

Men Love Mary Download