“N.E. Heart Break”, the fifth single from the fifth studio album (and the first without Bobby, but with new member Johnny) Heart Break, is a dance-worthy tune about the highs and lows of being famous. BUT, let’s talk about the VIDEO! The video is a late 80s showcase/time capsule! Where to begin? The “M.C. Hammer” outfits, the purposely mismatched shoes, the high-top fades (with lines on the side) and the guest cameos from Malcolm Jamal Warner, The Boys, Shanice Wilson and Heavy D. and The Boyz. And… lest we not forget… Johnny dancing. LOL! You can see him looking at what the others are doing and trying to keep up, but he made up for that by KILLING his part! Let all the suckas know he was brought in to SANG! “You betta beware… it’s gonna getcha!”