Couldn’t even wait for Sunday to post this one into our “Cover Me” series because in my humble opinion it is that good. Anyone who has spent a significant time with me knows how much time I have spent with and how highly I regard the music of Donny Hathaway. So, you would expect that the natural reaction from a devotee like myself when word of this cover hit the inbox would be something like “Well let’s just see what’s going on here”.

Glad I did. Sid Sriram not only covers the tune in a way that honors Donny’s legacy but he brings his own seasoning to the kitchen as well. The notes are spot on, no superfluous melisma, just great damn singing from Sid and playing from Cale Hawkins on piano and wonderful visual direction by @ImArthurJohnson .

This excites an old guy like me because what I hear and feel in this performance is respect for the music, respect for the craft and respect for the legacy of Donny Hathaway.

GFM Fam tell a friend or ten about this music.

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