Special shout to Jodine Dorce from jodinescorner.com for putting us onto this gem right here. Also, please check out a review by Jodine of Robert Glasper’s recent appearance in ATL here. This song is truly a product of the intersection 21st century technology and collaboration. The backstory explains it all…

Via Jodine:
“The vocalist, Zynzelay was listening to a Giles Peterson interview on Robert Glasper. They then played one of his outakes that was called Dilla*Shine. Z recorded the instrumental from her computer and took it to her engineer in the studio. He then did his magic to it and she wrote to the song. I then took the song and played it for Robert
during our interview this past Saturday. He loved it and gave me the okay to share it with the world. He was stunned that she recorded the song cause it was a short outake. I believe it’s moments like these when magic happens.”

Dilla Shine by GrownFolksMusic

You can download the song here as well as, by using the arrow down button on the player.