Jessie Boykins III is a self-described “musical explorer”. Perhaps that’s why Way of a Wayfarer is hard to define, label or put into box. One thing is definite; it is different than what’s on the radio right now and listeners will dig it or… not.

For reference sake, if the music on this EP could be defined, then most of the tracks have a new age, vibe to them. He experiments with sound effects and irregular beats. One can only imagine the fun Boykins had creating this–throwing everything he could think of into the production pot and seeing what came out. “I Can’t Stay” has a pulsating beat mixed with a whole lot of other sounds, including the sound of an airplane taking off. The addition of a little more bass on a remix could make it a great dance or house music track. On “Light to Dark” the beat scatters and there is a continuous note running throughout the song that listeners will find either distracting or innovative and cool.

However, he does flip the script on a few tracks. He strips down the effects in the music and goes acoustic on “When Your Ready” and “Zoner” .

How Way of a Wayfarer is received or interpreted depends on who the listener is. But there is nothing generic here. Jesse Boykins III won’t get accused of blending in with all the rest. He drives in his own lane and it’s refreshing to see an artist who isn’t afraid to be… artistic.

Way Of A Wayfarer by Jesse Boykins III

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