I can remember when a girlfriend of mine tried to set me up with this young man she met.  A few days later on my way home from work, I got this text message from this “gentleman” introducing himself as my friend’s acquaintance. When I saw that message, I immediately laughed at his approach. Not to be pompous but I’m not a big believer of text message introductions or date requests in the initial stage of meeting someone. First impressions are important and his communicated a distance that didn’t make me “warm and fuzzy”. Even my girlfriend was disappointed with his approach when I told her.

While many of us – men and woman – have probably had similar situations or worse, in this sea of single solitude is an “Old School Love” possible in today’s landscape? Seeing Leela James’s concept of “Old School Love” really inspired me but I have to ask in this day of high profile divorces, Atlanta Housewives who are only dramatized “exes” and a distorted concept of “staying together”, is the idea of having an “Old School Love” obsolete? Should men and women let go of the process of courting and friendship to the fast “iRelationship” trends of today?  Have we gone too far down the road of having the “new school” that we lost the foundation of the “old school”?

Here is Leela James speaking on her current album, Loving You More…In the Spirit of Etta James, what “old school love” means to her and whether we can find it in today’s world.

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