Here at GFM we define ourselves as promoting “Just great music…” regardless of genre etc., etc., for us great=grown. This is definitely the case with the latest from Lisa Banton. Produced by Mal T. “When You” has all the elements that this self-identified traditionalist loves – a memorable melody, space for the vocal to breathe and a story that unfolds from beginning to end. “When You” is the second single from Lisa’s debut EP entitled Lost and Found which I am encouraging all you #Growns out there to check out and grab yourself a copy.

Time for the mini soapbox… Yes #Growns if you’ve spent anytime around here you know how I can get down from time to time. This is one of those songs where I look around at ask “What more can you want/ask for?” What Lisa Banton is doing on this track is the antithesis of the majority of what we complain about is programmed on mainstream radio these days which is a great thing, so here’s what we do, you know what we always suggest around these parts – tell a friend or two thousand about “When You ” from Lisa Banton.