It’s very simple you see and I believe in my heart of hearts that Laurin Talese and her collaborators on this gorgeous track “Winter” that features Robert Glasper have tapped into the simplicity of lovealistenability. Of course, I just made that word and concept up. That’s what we do, we improvise right? Let me go back and explain that multisyllabic construction. An artist constructs a relatable story and pours their humanity and artistry into the same and give you some musical moments that you love that appeal to the soul of what you cherish about sound that you have no choice but to listen again, and again. In 2018 it’s often hard to get anyone to listen to anything once. When what you put out into the universe harkens and is worthy of multiple listens that’s very, very special.

Culled from her 2016 album Gorgeous Chaos Laurin assembled a stellar cast of musicians to assist in bringing her and co-writer Eric Wortham II’s vision to fruition.

Check out the song credits:

Winter featuring Robert Glasper
Written by Laurin Talese and Eric Wortham II

Rhythm Section: Adam Blackstone, Anwar Marshall, Eric Wortham

Horns: Josh Lawrence, Steve Tirpak, Yesseh Furaha-Ali

Also, the marriage of visual and music cannot be underestimated. Check out the video credits and the backstory on the location.

Video by WFRSON Video:
AD: Autumn Noele and Cindy Frierson

This video was shot at “Ex of In House” which is part of the ‘T’ Space project by architect Steven Holl.

It is set up for AirBnB guests in order to raise funds for the nonprofit project, which operates a gallery, architecture fellowship and sculpture trail. All the proceeds are directly sustaining this educational initiative.

Bottom line here #Growns, if you’re about getting your sophisticated Grown listening on, go ahead and press play and take some time for contemplation and to wind your day away.