During Will Downing’s hard fought battle with a rare auto-immune disease called polymyositis which landed him in the hospital and a wheelchair for a period, he promised God that he would honor him.  He delivers on his promise with his new CD, The Promise, an inspirational album– actually his first gospel album.

Check out the first single from the album called, “Look At Yourself In The Mirror”. The Promise is set for release in November by Shanachie Entertainment.

The album is Downing’s heartfelt 10-song thank you letter to God for bringing him back from the edge of darkness into His marvelous light. A close listen reveals his pain, gratitude and, yes, his “testimony” to all who find themselves losing hope against incredible odds. As such, Will Downing taps previously unrevealed aspects of his talent to step boldly outside of his “Prince of Sophisticated Soul” persona to pour raw unblinking emotion into a musical re-creation of his journey from hospital bed to wheelchair and ultimately back to the stage.