Name GFM Playlist

Growns, check out #Name: A Grown Folks Music Keyword Playlist on Spotify. This is a collection of jams from different genres with the word #name in the title. Vibe and enjoy!

“Stop! In The Name Of Love”- The Supremes
“You Don’t Know My Name”- Alicia Keys
“What’s My Name”- Rhianna and Drake
“My Name Is Prince”- Prince
“Call My Name”- Avery*Sunshine
“I Call Your Name” – Switch
“Say My Name”- Destiny’s Child
“Just Call My Name”- Alyson Williams
“I Call Your Name”- The Beatles
“Call My Name”- Morgan James
“Sign Your Name”- Terence Trent D’Arby
“My Name Is Not Susan”- Whitney Houston
“My Name Is” Eminem
“I Wanna Know Your Name”- The Intruders
“Gentle” (Calling Your Name)- Frederick Feat. Janice Dowlen
“Neighbors Know My Name”- Trey Songz
“Name On It”- Cassandra Lucas
“What’s My Name”- DMX
“You Give Love A Bad Name”- Bon Jovi
“Last Name”- Carrie Underwood
“Charlie, Last Name Wilson”- Charlie Wilson
“Attack Of The Name Game”- Stacy Lattisaw
“Pride (In The Name Of Love”- U2
“A Place With No Name”- Michael Jackson
“Who Am I” (What’s My Name)?- Snoop Dogg