Nicolay’s latest installment of his “Off The Shelf” series features an amazing vocalist by the name of Moon Baker.

You can download the song here, but this is an excerpt on the background of the song:

….Fast forward to 2004. Moon called me up one day and told me she was at long last going to start working on her solo debut, and she wanted me to be the album’s main producer. Over the course of two years, we worked on and off on writing, arranging and recording her album, titled “ABC Of Romance”.

It was released in 2007 by Supertracks Records, and knowing that, the term ‘Off The Shelf’ should not be taken literally in this particular context. However, I think that the release was limited to The Netherlands, Germany and Japan, so I don’t think you’ll mind if I drop one of my favourite songs that we did together, “Stay”.

The song “Stay” is available as a free download at his site, as well as the Nicolay Remix of “ABC of Romance” f/Kay. As always Nicolay represents and does a great job of connecting with his fans by offering great music and giving them an inside peek at his work and thoughts. Be sure to cop The Foreign Exchange album, Leave It All Behind [Explicit] while it’s still on sale for $5.00!!!

I’m sure he has some other great gems he’ll be sharing with us in the future, but it’s also a (sad) reminder of how much great music that is out there, that never sees the light of day, for a myriad of reasons (in this case limited distribution). Check out a couple of clips of Moon Baker after the jump.

This joint is ridiculous.