#Growns I wanted to get you in the know about a project that that I feel could be a welcome centerpiece to the coming together of Grown Family and Grown Friends for not only this upcoming season of togetherness but beyond. tai allen has put together a book of poetry (the high x the low) and a soundtrack to accompany it (the high x the mighty). As tai explains “Both projects touch on some aspect of change and progression. The angles vary from song to poem to instrumental.”

Today we are pleased to present the first offering, a collaboration between tai and Suede Jenkins “Go Groove(Cadillac x Beemer)”. This is a thought provoking aural and visual combo and the subject of the text is one of my favorite topics: love. Not the moon, June, spoon love but as tai further elaborates in his description “Go Groove deals with finding/giving/accepting/being love during chaotic times. Sometimes this love is the glue that saves not just binds a community. a couple. a person. And it is transformative. change.”

Here, here! So #Growns you know what to do… spend a little viewing, listening, then not only spread the word about this project but make plans to talk about what’s really going on here both online and off.

Support the movement over at Tai’s Bandcamp Page http://taiallen.bandcamp.com/