“The B Side” is the debut release from Richmond, VA based piano virtuoso Fabian Lance. Written, arranged and produced by Tyrone Corbett and Bob Donzella “The B Side” is the quintessential audio invitation to dinner for two at eight. What’s wrestled with masterfully in the song is will she/he rsvp?

This invitation/acceptance conundrum is displayed in the conversation between the instrumentation and the vocal chorus. With piano front and center, the message and mood is clear: sultry and smooth. This mood is further accentuated by the flourishes of guitar saxophone work which are in a word: tasteful. These pieces of the puzzle outline what’s on the menu for dinner and perhaps after; whereas the rest of the musical arrangement provides the smoothest of ambiance through the musical colors chosen to light the room.

My suggestion? Press play below and think of your special someone and when the time is right… invite them to come over to the B side!

“The B Side” by Fabian Lance and The Corbett Music Group out now!