#Growns just in time for the weekend and this change in the weather here(on the East Coast) comes “Helping Hand” the debut single from the Bo Williams album hw Welcome Project . A story anchored by the lament of the chorus “All you ever needed was just a helping hand…” “Helping Hand” gets right down to the heart of the matter, a grown type of matter if you will. The ego, the ignoring, the moving on it’s all in here. Bo Williams’ vocal captures the essence of facing the four walls all by your lonesome as the cinemascope of a failed romance is the featured attraction in the theater of your mind.

“Helping Hand” sonically is soulful as soulful can be. The interplay between the rhythm section replete with organ swells, guitar pulls, the warmth of a Rhodes, slinky bass and stomp and clap drums has me missing my mama’s country ham, grits and rolls. It’s that pulling up in the driveway slowly after a tense Sunday drive type with a significant other who’s feeling more other than significant type soul, if you can understand that particular state of existing.

So #Growns go ahead and get up on this sound from Bo Williams that I know you are gonna dig. “Helping Hand” from Bo Williams out now.