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You know I’m always going on about movements afoot. No, I would consider myself a soothsayer… I would just say that I am a practical person who understand that the tide can move in one direction for only so long.

“Forbidden” the debut single from Bo Williams is the type of tide that many of us have watched for on the horizon, and we’re so pleasantly pleased once it arrives because it takes us where we’ve longed to be. Remember that feeling when music could take you on that type of journey? The type of journey where you lose yourself for three minutes and thirty seconds inside the song. Well if you enjoy that type experience as much as I do then “Forbidden” is a song tailor-made for your collection.

Sonically intimate, a haunting interplay between the acoustic guitar and piano with vocals that harken you to pay attention to the passion play that is laid out in the story… this is honest emotional music at its best. The craftsmanship could have stopped there and it would still be eons beyond what passes in many corners today as balladry, but then for a sublime musical bridge to be constructed is beyond the icing on the proverbial cake.

We’re all friends here and as such I’m suggesting that you take some time out of your day to experience for yourself what I put in the category of the real. For you see the real, the authentic is undeniable because it can only come forth from those who know the muse because they’ve spent time with and respect her.

Head here to purchase the debut single from Bo Williams “Forbidden”.