Ghost Town is a true Chicago collaboration between Lowdown Brass Band and Chicago hip Hop Punk outfit The Dread. The interpolation comes originally from a song created by 80s ska outfit “The Specials”. With a new spirited arrangement and original lyrics by Billa Camp, the new Ghost Town was born.

The video was shot on a fishing boat in Cordova Alaska entirely on iPhones. Lowdown wanted to capture the feeling and amazing landscape of this beautiful part of the US during Lowdowns Alaskan tour in July 2017. In their first night in Cordova Lowdown met Gunner Pierce, the owner of the boat, who offered it as a way to see this amazing part of Alaska. Lowdown brought instruments on the boat and had a jam session but It quickly turned into a video shoot for “Ghost Town” on the spur of the moment, unplanned. Everyone who was on the boat that day participated in either capturing video or dancing during the shoot. What resulted is something that captures the adventurous spirit of Lowdown Brass Band, the energy of their live show, in front of the transcendent landscape of Prince William Sound.

About Lowdown Brass Band

LowDown Brass Band (LDB) deftly synthesizes the gritty sounds of Chicago with the high energy second-line street beat of the Crescent City. LDB brandishes a powerful brass frontline of trumpets, trombones, saxophones, with a funky backline of drums and sousaphone. Combining the poetic ferocity of Billa Camp with stellar vocal harmonies, adventurous improvisation, movement, and grooves, LDB creates an infectious and diverse sound that has something for every listener.

Fresh off their appearance at The 2017 Chicago Jazz Festival, Lowdown maintains a constant performing and touring schedule throughout North America. In 2015, LDB released an ambitious project titled “Lowdown Sounds” that included a critically acclaimed cameo by Roy Ayers on the track “Everybody Loves The Sunshine.” Lowdown Brass is now set to begin the next chapter with the release of their 5th self-produced full-length studio album Lowdown Breaks. This new offering steps deeper into refining their unique sound, combining the hip hop sound with multiple world music and jazz styles. Look out for them on December 28th where they’ll be playing with Dirty Dozen Brass Band at the Brooklyn Bowl!

The album Lowdown Breaks is out Jan 19th.

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