We stumbled upon London-based artist Nao (pronounced Na-yo) by accident, and we are glad we did. Her music is nostalgic yet fresh. There is just enough of an old-school R&B foundation that makes it familiar enough to make the Grown Folks listen. We hear flavor that reminds us of artists like Brandy and SWV mixed with a little Michael Jackson and Prince mixed in for good measure. But at the same time, there is a good dose of the future soul sound present that puts us up on what is happening in music now. It’s not the throwback, Motown type of sound some artists have reverted to in an effort to “bring real music back”, and it ain’t the trap beats that have inundated today’s R&B either. February 15 is crafted with good singing, good lyrics and good production. Check out a few songs from the February EP below. Get the EP at iTunes.

“Inhale Exhale”