Does it get any more GROWN than jazz? It’s sophisticated, mature and refined– thus it may be the ultimate form of Grown Folks Music. Presenting “Rough Sketch”, the first single from The Julian Hartwell Project’s new album LYVELIFE featuring V. Shayne Frederick.

LYVELIFE is a 5-track concept album about the living of LIFE in all its imperfectly perfect, unpredictable, and multifaceted glory. LYVELIFE sees a new collaborative direction to the instrumental jazz-funk underpinnings of Hartwell’s core quintet, featuring a host of special guest vocalists and instrumentalists now in service to a grander vision. Five original songs delve into themes of perception, perspective, spirituality and personal growth – tackling what it might mean to live “LYVE”.

“Rough Sketch” is a great first single to lead the LYVELIFE concept with it’s swing beat and inspiring lyrics– we’re admonished to, “Go and try your best to trust the process. Everything is just a work in progress. Don’t forget that all is just a Rough Sketch.” Check it out.