Friend to GFM PC Muñoz has just released a “mega-collab” track featuring all kinds of guest instrumentalists, including Dale Chung, percussionist from Con Funk Shun. Various musicians sent PC tracks to go with the drum track, and he edited it into a sound collage of sorts The track is very, very funky and it really is a soundscape in the truest since of the word: aural art. Check out the track and the credits below and make sure to hit that download button and tell a friend.

Also, be on the lookout for PC’s cover of Prince’s “Sign ‘o the Times” feat. Dr. Fink it will be released very soon as part of a Prince Tribute Record coordinated by Dr. Fink.

Congas and Udu – Dale Chung

Vocals – Brandi Brandes

Lead guitar – Rocky Reyes

Programming (WuTang Drum App), belembaotuyan, gongs, cowbells, body percussion, and voices – PC Muñoz

Electric bass – Sean Carson

Synthesizers – Paul Ruxton

Body Percussion: Stephen Smith

Electronics – Teddy “Whiz Kid” Gumataotao

Electronics and synthesizers – McKay Garner

Wave drum and electronics- Danny Zingarelli

Tamborine- Tate Bactear

All instrumental parts composed/improvised by each musician

Additional melodic material by Belinda Muñoz

Recorded in San Francisco and Oakland

Edited and mixed by PCM and Tate Bactear at Studio Trilogy, SF, CA

Produced by PC Muñoz

Thanks to Alex Mikes for recording the early sessions

Thanks to Studio Trilogy