Not sure about all the Teena Marie comparisons, aside from the obvious, but nonetheless a very nice debut album.

Only once in an era does a young performer come along who is so dazzling, so captivating and so undeniable in their talent that they gather the gale force of the most respected icons in the business beneath their wings. Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Leigh Jones is that amazing once in a lifetime artist. Having made passionate believers and hands-on supporters out of both Motown Records founder Berry Gordy AND Stax Records maverick Al Bell, Leigh Jones is fortified to take on the international pop music marketplace with her powerful debut album, Music in My Soul (on Peak Records – a division of the Concord Music Group).


Album: Music in My Soul
Songwriter(s)/Producer(s): Kerry Gordy, Bruce Fisher, Berry Gordy, Jr., Leigh Jones, David Knauer, Carl McGregor, Keite Young
Label: Peak
Year: 2008
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Free Fall

Interview and “Free Fall” performance on ABC’s Good Morning America