What can you say about a group that epitomizes what has become known as The Minneapolis Sound, a band whose influence has permeated the entire width and breadth of popular music since their major label debut on this day in 1981? You say congrats and more importantly you say thank you! There is a musical tree full of branches that emanate from The Time and go in many, many directions. There is an influence of style and showmanship that is undeniably and unapologetically yesss!!!

So what I would like for you to try and do for a moment while you may be perusing this post is to imagine what music sounded like before July 29, 1981 and then after you get into that space check out the cut below and then bring your thoughts up to 2011 and think of the incredible journey of music that is The Time’s legacy. Here’s to another 30!!!

Make sure to keep up with The Time on twitter we had a great time the other night with them in the twitterverse.