Late last year I wrote a little list of what I would like to see happen in 2011. #6 on that list was Something NewOver thirty years with hip-hop being the baby genre on the block. That’s a pretty big baby. I’m just wondering what’s next? It’s probably already happening, it just may not have a pretty catchall title. Reveal yourself.

I believe what I am listening to from KING is the genesis of that reveal. Why would I make such a statement? Because this is music that is as much tomorrow as it is yesterday, as harmonically consonant as it is harmonically dissonant, rhythmically familiar and delightfully syncopated. I believe this is where the music is headed: artists who don’t fit neatly into any marketing confine, yet their music is so universally beautiful that it renders the need for a demographic obsolete. Because I can tell you the type of people who will love and support KING: music people.

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