Friend to GFM Kea is back with new music that is a musical reminder in the form of “Turn It Around”. This haunting lament puts into perspective that the current circumstance doesn’t always have to be the end of the story, in fact it doesn’t even have to be an entire chapter of you are open to change.

Change is never easy but if you’re interested in forward motion it’s very necessary. “Turn It Around” is beautifully constructed and performed with a visual that compliments and tells a compelling story of its own. Kea weaves a melody here that has some wonderful surprises for the ear and in the musical puzzle that supports her all the pieces fit together so nicely.

We salute Kea not only for her dedication to craft but her courage in telling stories that address the core of our humanity that expose not only the beauty but the pain that can be just below the smile. Please take some time out today to listen, share and support “Turn It Around” from Kea.

“Turn It Around” from Kea out now!