GFM Family I would like to invite you today to Say Yes to the sound of Nigerian-American award-winning poet, recording artist and TED fellow Iyeoka (ee-yo-kah). Her name means “I want to be respected.” All one needs to do is take a listen to this project to understand the manifest destiny her name possesses.

The respect is due to Iyeoka because when you listen to Say Yes it will become apparently clear Iyeoka respects the muse and her music. Funk, Rock, Hip Hop, Soul, Jazz, Blues, Electronic all of the children of the muse are here, united and each allowed space to be themselves within the whole. Global.

Iyeoka embodies the best of our true musical storytellers while retaining her own 21st century flare. In the sound of Iyeoka you will hear flashes of Simone, Chapman, Snow, Adu and even Sonia Sanchez, like the old Prego commercial so eloquently stated “It’s in there.” But most importantly Iyeoka is in there and here for us.

Please take listen to the album preview below and consider supporting this fantastic artist who I believe we will be hearing a lot from in the months and years to come. You can purchase this Evolving Album(TM) here.