Okay, so maybe my ticket said it was Friday.  But, as the night’s host noted, it was past midnight and as far as he was considered, it was Saturday at the Blue Note and it was “our chance to get away” in early February.

For almost two hours, music lovers in NYC were treated to GFM-favorite Darien’s diverse and energetic set that hit everything from soul, R&B, hip hop, and Stevie Wonder too. Darien is a joy to see perform. Full of energy, fun, and a ridiculously talented live performer. He truly brought soul to the intimate late-night venue with a live horn section and a group of fantastic vocalists.  His album If These Walls Could Talk is out now.

Darien has an easy-going presence on stage; he obviously lives and breathes music and loves performing, making it just a joy to watch him on stage. Tracks like “Saturday” just make you want to sing and clap along, too.

He brought some diversity to the show with some hip hop infusions. His emcees and the talented musicians mastering the horn section brought Jay-Z and a Tribe Called Quest to the Blue-Note that night. Witnessing Darien, his band, and the whole audience cheering along to “Roc Boys” (Darien’s feel-good jam, evidently) was just another example that this night was about celebrating MUSIC.

His CD If These Walls Could Talk is out now, but the advance copy he sold at his shows has been in heavy rotation for weeks here at GFM!   Like his live show, he invites you to FEEL his music, his words, and that rich, buttery voice. I love the CD; some of my favorites are upbeat tracks like “Saturday” (of course!) and “Love Revolution” as well as the softer “Seasons.”

You can buy If These Walls Could Talk on:

  • iTunes
  • CDBaby
  • Righteous Music Media

If you have the chance to catch Darien performing near you, jump on it, and let us know what you thought! And make sure you pick up his album — it’s true grown folks music!