Rahel – Hope by GrownFolksMusic

You know life really is all about choices. Everyday we have a choice and today I was proud to say that I believe I made the right one. As I mentioned in a previous post, we really do live in an era of some much music and so little time. I try to be very disciplined and listen to as much new music that hits the inbox as possible. I certainly understand the time that it takes to bring an idea to fruition, so I applaud anyone who makes that effort.

However, there is a difference between the encouraging music editor and the excited one. This post would put me in the camp of the latter. Why does this music excite me? Because it’s not predictable. All music has some element of the familiar but it does not have to be predictable.

There are literally thousands upon thousands of scales in music yet a lot of the music that hear in the “R&B” genre sticks to a very predictable collection of notes and shapes. This song does not. That excites me. Plus, the music is warm has a fair amount of “edge” and the performance by Rahel is very believable. She’s not singing about something she heard about, this is life music.

Free download here.