All of our album retrospective’s are special. For me, they serve as mile markers of my life. This episode featuring Taja Sevelle is no exception. Not to get all sappy in nostalgia world and no, I’m not going to cue up the theme song from Dirty Dancing[which was of course in the popular consciousness in 1987]. But I must admit that in the Fall of 1987 I more than likely was having the time of my life with this album as part of the soundtrack of my senior year of high school.

Long before the social web(actually before the web itself) and trending media content, we had the couch. You know the couch? That’s right if you made it to the couch on Video Soul with Donnie Simpson in those days in the eyes of many of us you made it or at the very least we would be checking for you. Well Taja Sevelle definitely made it to the couch and I know that a few days after her interview with Donnie aired I made my trek to the Wrecka Stow and well yeah the rest… oh just listen to the podcast.

About the episode

Join GFM’s Love Man, Polished Solid and our guest, Rhonda Nicole, as we discuss the 30th anniversary of Taja Sevelle’s eponymous debut on Paisley Park. We discuss why she was on Paisley Park despite only two Prince-penned tracks and How she was Mariah Carey before Mariah Carey, and pop rock & keyboard bass from the eighties.

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