Famed Atlanta based dj and former member of the band Arrested Development DJ Kemit stopped in to speak with Grown Folks Music about his latest project “Everlasting”. DJ Kemit usually conducts the interviews at venues such as Moods Music, but today we get to turn the tables and interview him.

He speaks of the significance of the album’s title, his thoughts about Arrested Development’s episode of “Unsung”, co-writing the hit “4evermore”, and he offers important advice regarding artists and musicians protecting themselves in the “business” portion of the music industry.

DJ Kemit Interview mix by GrownFolksMusic

For more on DJ Kemit, please check out his official website, Facebook Page, or the Experience Spread Love website. You can also follow him on Twitter.

You may also listen to DJ Kemit’s Podcast Mixes online. “Everlasting” is available at both ITunes and Amazon.com.

If you are considering working in any aspect of the music business, pick up DJ Kemit’s recommended reading first, “This Business of Music” and “Music, Money and Success”.