Please allow me to introduce myself – my name is Mudson pronounced with an Udson like the Hudson and I give zero Fudsons. I recently found out about this “GFM” and through some correspondence and vetting(on my end of them), I have allowed those nice folks to utilize my talents from time to time as I am world renowned in the field of what I like to deem pragmatic practicality(haterism for those of you keeping score at home). You see these “#Growns” are too nice with theirs often allowing many to use their good name who truly don’t have the goods for not only Grown Folks Music, but music that should be heard by anyone, anywhere.

So I’ve taken it upon myself to do what I would like to call a “house cleaning” of sorts and what better place to start than by “emptying the recycle bin”? We’ll start there and then we’ll eventually get to dusting the furniture and then even improving the menu of what is served all in the name of preserving the good Grown Folks name.

All’s fair on the internet right? You submit your music for feedback so isn’t it possible for the pendulum to swing in both a positive and negative direction? Oh I hear you bleeding heart critics out there “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.” Hernie believes that’s part of the problem – A conspiracy of silence which leads people to believe that what they are doing is well, ahem, good. See this don’t say anything attitude resides in the same place as the everyone gets a trophy for participation.

Perhaps I’ve touched a personal nerve, maybe kindergarten through 3rd grade Hernie was the fat kid who got mostly green and white ribbons on field day while a number of my good friends who were not as big boned challenged styled and profiled on the bus with their nice blue and reds(daggone gang members). So I had a choice to make, if I wanted the blues and the reds for myself perhaps I needed to push back from the Cocoa Puffs from time to time and ride the bike a little farther, run a little faster during TV Tag and whatever else… enough about me let’s chat for a second about this RedBoyy – “Rihyonce (She Flawless)” Prod Nard and B

Yes Hernie rates this one a “back” because it’s as assy as one would believe just from the title alone. As you may have guessed Hernie is not a fan of using someone else’s fame and name for your own little likes, views, comments, tweets. Hernie likes clever – I would have never thought to combine Rihanna and Beyonce (no, but 2 million other people on Twitter alone have since 2007). Speaking of 2007 did you hear that Soulja Boyesque intro? I don’t know but maybe it’s just me but somehow I can hear this track playing in the “showroom” of that car dealership that you can sign over your tax refund to… Speaking of refund, well probably not because was there a budget in place? Suddenly I have a taste for grape swisher sweets. Rihyonce may be flawless but this track here is just less or did I mean to say just flaw? Nah I’m going to keep it classy and just stick to calling this assy. Until the next time please keep submitting your music to Grown Folks Music so I can keep this gig. I think I’m going to like it.

P.S. Produced by multi-platinum Nard and B huh? Why don’t we just attribute this joint Nah B like it didn’t happen.