Written by the pen of lead vocalist Axl Rose and lead guitarist, Slash, Welcome to the Jungle paints the uninhibited and brazen picture of the Hollywood streets.  With a rock and metal aggression, Guns N’ Roses was the group who placed this song on Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time list. While it’s greatly associated with the rebellious spirit of Axl’s sway, many may wonder, “why did Etta decide to do a song like this?” Well, surprisingly these two may have more in common than you think. From the standpoint of musical approach, Etta interjects the “down home” grit of the blues to this particular cover which is nothing more than the father figure of rock and roll. In  diving deeper into the lyrical storyline, Ms. James is no stranger to life on the Hollywood streets. From the streetwalker on Central, the pimp in the back alley or the junkie looking for their next hit, Etta’s life has been a dance with the devil in the trenches of the jungle. So it’s only fitting that she gives pleasantries not as a guest but a certified survivor.

Here is Welcome to the Jungle from her last recorded project, The Dreamer.