Recorded in 1968 at the FAME Studio, this incredible single was said to be written by Ellington Jordan and her abusive ex, Billy Foster. However in truth, Etta  herself wrote these lines with Jordan.  Even though Etta didn’t considered herself a “professional” songwriter at the time, this song heralded  the depths of her experience with undeniable emotion which very well paralleled a violent relationship she didn’t know how to leave and a drug problem she didn’t know how to kick.  In addition to her personal problems, she also suffered with tax issues which motivated her decision to give her writing credit to Billy Foster. Unfortunately, when this choice was made and the song was rerecorded by artists like Clarence Carter, Rod Stewart, B.B. King and Beyonce for the movie soundtrack, Cadillac Records, they all went to Jordan and the estate of Billy Foster. Though this song has made a musical impact with its torturous cry of love lost, the first tears that fell for this song privately were truly that of Leonard Chess, head of her recording label, Chess Records in his intial hearing of the song.