WONDER WOMAN 4 Carla Mix (No Turn Unstoned #264) by Dj Polished Solid on Mixcloud

In celebration of Carla Gannis’ birthday and engagement, I decided to create a mix around one of her favorite icons of all time, Wonder Woman. At first, I thought,”what am I committing myself to; I’m hardly going to find any good songs.” Boy, was I wrong! I was shocked at how many awesome wonder woman songs there are out there.

Thank you Carla! I doubt I would have ever used wonder woman as a theme for the show, but your ♥ of wonder woman is infectious!

Happy Birthday, Carla! You are a wonder woman! I hope you enjoy the mix. I had a blast putting it together. I genre hop on the radio show. So if you don’t like a genre it’ll change soon enough;)

Dedicated to all the wonder women of the world!

Wonder Woman – Sandy Barber – [BBE]
#1 Da Woman – Tricky – [Hollywood Records]
Wonder Woman (NVOY Remix) – LION BABE – [Lion Babe]
Wonder Woman TV Theme 2015 – Randy Lance – [KZP Records]
wonder woman – The Music is your friend – [soundcloud]
Wonder Woman (feat. Lloyd Mavuwa) – Djembe Monks – [CD Run]
Wonder Woman – Rum-Bullion – [T-Groove Music]
Wonder Woman feat. Jackie Haywood (Paul Johnson Remix) – Bernard Badie – [Cylco Records]
wonder woman (chang bang edit) – Norman Gimbel and Charles Fox – [soundcloud]
Wonder Woman Song – Justice League of America – [Power Records]
Wonder Woman (Won) – Kicksome – [soundcloud]
Wonder Woman Dub – Phil Pratt – [Pressure Sounds]
Wonder Woman – Vijoh Star – [Vijoh Star]
Linda C’s Mail Order (Radio Mix) – Carol Medina – [Popular Records]
Wonder Woman – The Stylistics – [Amherst Records]
Wonder Woman pt.1 – Ehud the Otaku – [bandcamp]
Wonder Woman – Chaco Piano – [soundcloud]
Wonder Woman Theme – Shaun Drew – [Sottovoce Records]
Wonder Woman – Indiana University Marching Band – [soundcloud]
Wonder Woman (Muzicmajor remix) – Trey Songz – [soundcloud]
Wonder Woman feat. Cammando Dre – King Whoady – [soundcloud]
So Gone (What My Mind Says) Feat. Paul Wall – Jill Scott – [Blues Babe Records]
The Secret Of The Magic Tiara – Wonder Woman – [Power Records]
Wonder Woman – Elijah Jamal – [bandcamp]
Wonder Woman – Ms. Rey – [Blue Pie]
Wonder Woman – Leonard Charles – [bandcamp]
The Wonder Woman for Stevie Wonder – Nikki Giovanni – [Folkways Records]
Wonder Woman feat. Pdash – P Dash – [soundcloud]
Wonder Woman – Ben E. King – [Atlantic]
Wonder Woman – LaidBackbeats – [soundcloud]
Wonder Woman – Lukey Cage – [soundcloud]
Wonder Woman – Ethics The Lyricist – [soundcloud]
My Wonder Woman – Jerry Wallace – [Country Music Group]
Wonder Woman – Fantastic Drug Store – [bandcamp]
Wonder Woman – Kendra Chantelle – [olde soul records]
Wonder Woman – Nika – [soundcloud]
Wonder Woman – Philippe Edison – [Filthy Fortune Records]
Wonder Woman, Wonder Me – Kishi Bashi – [Joyful Noise Recordings]
Wonder Woman – Mr. Carmack x Kaytranada – [soundcloud]
Woman Is A Wonder (2004 Remaster) – Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly – [Capitol]