DJ Polished Solid – ABBEY LINCOLN was here (No Turn Unstoned #118) 2010-08-22 by on

Friend to GFM DJ Polished Solid has put together a fantastic mix to mark the anniversary of the born day of the one and only Abbey Lincoln!

‘When everything is finished in a world, the people go to look for what the artists leave. It’s the only thing that we have really in this world — is an ability to express ourselves and say, “I was here.” ‘ —Abbey Lincoln

Rest in peace, Abbey! Your artistry touched me very deeply during your journey here.

Garvey’s Ghost feat. Abbey Lincoln – Max Roach – [Impulse!]
Tears For Johannesburg feat. Abbey Lincoln – Max Roach – [Candid]
Mr. Tambourine Man – Abbey Lincoln – [Verve]
Africa – Abbey Lincoln – [Verve]
Freedom Day feat. Abbey Lincoln – Max Roach – [Candid]
Lonesome Lover feat. Abbey Lincoln – Max Roach and His Chorus Orchestra – [Impulse!]
Whistling Away The Dark – Abbey Lincoln – [Enja]
When Autumn Sings – Abbey Lincoln – [Verve]
Midnight Sun – Abbey Lincoln – [Verve]
Let Up – Abbey Lincoln – [Riverside]
The Music Is The Magic – Abbey Lincoln – [Verve]
When Malindy Sings – Abbey Lincoln – [Candid]
And It’s Supposed To Be Love – Abbey Lincoln – [Verve]
And It’s Supposed to Be Love – Ayo – [Polydor]
Wholly Earth – Abbey Lincoln – [Verve]
I Sing A Song – Abbey Lincoln – [Verve]
For All We Know – Abbey Lincoln – [Jazzfest]
Left Alone – Abbey Lincoln – [Candid]
The River – Abbey Lincoln – [Verve]
Story Of My Father – Abbey Lincoln – [Verve]
Long As You’re Living – Abbey Lincoln – [Riverside]

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