This clip is tailored made for this series… in fact this is what the “Cover Me” series is all about: An outstanding, impassioned performance that at once showcases the talent of the performers and the brilliance of a song.

In the opinions of a few of us here at GFM if you want to know what’s missing in music it’s not the lack of talent, it’s the lack of suitable material that can elevate the material. So as I give kudos to Jeremy Passion & Tori Kelly for what they’ve done here I also want/need to see, learn and know about the budding writers and producers who can craft something as great as what Keith Crouch and Glenn McKinney did back in the venerable mid-1990’s.

Certainly music can and should sound like 2014 but well-crafted, classic music does not have an expiration date as evidenced by this timeless performance here.