On October 1, 2015 what would have been the 70th birthday of Donny Hathaway was recognized and celebrated all over the GFMverse. You can see by the number of retweets and favorites (many from folks I don’t follow and who don’t follow me) that the reverence for Donny is far and wide and deservedly so. As we have chronicled on these pages Donny Hathaway was the consummate musician.

I chose the to title this post An Actual Legacy because when we examine Donny Hathaway that’s exactly what the takeaway is… During Donny’s lifetime he didn’t rule the charts, wasn’t on the cover of every magazine a couple times a year, and on and on. No, Donny Hathaway blessed us with some incredible music that has stood the test of time and with each year someone from a new generation discovers Donny and comes to understand that what Donny Hathaway left us with is the standard. That’s An Actual Legacy.