You really can’t talk about the early stories of  music without involving the contributing chapters of St. Louis.  From the hypnotic hips of Josephine Baker, the R&B of Ike & Tina or the weeping guitar of Chuck Berry, St. Louis has produced a fusion of artists braised in a seasoning of heritage and soul. One particular artist who’s making her mark from the culture rich city is none other than Sunday’s Best winner, Amber Bullock.

Sweeping the Sunday’s Best competition into a studio of lifted praise in her unapologetic performance of For Every Mountain, Bullock brings that same spirit to her latest CD, Thank You. With a  number of darling cuts from Kurt Carr, Karen Clark Sheard and many more, Bullock formulates her vocal finesse with a foundation of gospel and a texture of jazz. In the cut, For Every Mountain, Bullock reinterprets this dramatic classic with a laid back twist of jazz instrumentation and a soothing vocal approach. With A City Called Heaven, a Mahalia Jackson classic baptized in the fires of its Baptist roots, Bullock turns this song on its head with a bossa nova rhythm layered with a lighthearted feel of inspirational. It definitely was a nice contrast from the moving yet heavy tone of the original version. Finally, Bullock gives a beautiful performance of Karen Clark Sherd’s beloved Secret Place. Her voice carries a truth and believability that speaks to the soul all the way to the very last note.

Overall, Bullock’s Thank You CD is truly an enjoyable experience. While I didn’t have the opportunity to see the complete journey of  Ms. Bullock in the fourth season of Sunday’s Best, in listening to her debut project, it really wasn’t a necessity in understanding her depth and musical artistry. Her story and spirit speaks in the flow of her expression and the richness of her voice. So if you’re a lover of singers who bring a fullness of conviction, then let Bullock entice your spirit to lift your hands to heaven and say “thank you”.