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#NewMusic: Eriq Troi: “Something To Remember”

Posted on October 13th, 2015 by

Growns, we’re diggin’ “Something To Remember” by Eriq Troi. We can tell it’s influenced by the funkmasters who have come before us, but we think that’s a good thing. You’ll immediately turn this one up and bob your head.

In fact, we recommend that you check out (and purchase) Troi’s whole project: Blooming Where Planted: A Soundtrack Of A City. It’s aptly titled because Troi brings a range of styles (funk, R&B, jazz, latin, spoken word, inspirational) on this album and the tracks feature solid vocalists. It really is a soundtrack that you can just press play and ride out to. It’s worth your time and money. Check it out.

Connect with Eriq Troi on Twitter


Kimberly Kennedy Charles (DJKKC) is trying to navigate life (in a minivan, no less) as a wife, mother, caregiver to Grandmother and writer in the 'burbs of Atlanta.

#YouMakeTheCall Aaron Camper – “Choose You”

Posted on October 13th, 2015 by

#Growns we’re dropping one on you today from Aaron Camper to get your take on the sounds. Aaron has an impeccable music industry resume(having worked with Jill Scott and Justin Timberlake to name a few) and is now branching out and doing his own thing.

As some of you may know our #YouMakeTheCall series features tunes where we have hashed it out amongst ourselves in the GFM commissary and somehow cannot come to a consensus. We recognize that we may not always “get it” on our initial listens so we invite feedback from you, a virtual weigh-in if you will to our soundtable.

The general consensus around “Choose You” is that the feel-good vibe shines through and definitely makes it a musical moment, but it wasn’t necessarily a moment that rocked us to the core. Another point that was brought up was a few of us felt that the intro to “Choose You” seemed a little disconnected from the rest of the tune. So now that you’ve heard some thoughts from us here, what say ye?

GFM Spotlight Interview: Lyfe Jennings Talks Tree of Lyfe, Disappointment in Black Music Today & Why He Calls Himself Lyfe

Posted on October 12th, 2015 by


Grown Folks Music spoke with R&B singer/songwriter, Lyfe Jennings. Lyfe talked about his new album Tree of Lyfe, what inspires his music, disappointment in current black music and how he came to call himself Lyfe. Read below and enjoy.

GFM: Tell us about Tree of Lyfe.

Lyfe: Definitely more life… more inspirational stuff. Lyrically competent, I suppose. Something you can listen to with your family.

GFM: Since we’re in a digital time now and a lot of music is downloaded we don’t really get to invest in collecting cds, cover art and liner notes like we used to, so you don’t see a lot of intricate cover art anymore. I really like your cover art. Who came up with that?

Lyfe: I hate to say that I’ve forgotten the guy’s name, but it’s actually an artist (Editor’s note: Korean artist Baki) who did it for me.

GFM: The stories that you tell in your music are so real and so relatable. tell us a little bit about the process of how you create your music.

Lyfe: I go through situations. I let them live. I let them breathe. Sometimes I’ll finish a song in a day or in an hour. Sometimes it will take me months to finish. I just make sure I write it how it’s first on my mind. I don’t try to add to it or take away from it for the public or for commercialism or something like that. I just write it real.

GFM: Is it always just from self-experience, or it is something that you might see or observe in someone else’s life?

Lyfe: It’s both actually, I feel like I might experience it indirectly through somebody telling me about it, and then the majority of it is just the stuff that I go through.

GFM: You’ve been in this industry for a while now as a solo artist. What would Lyfe Jennings [of] now tell Lyfe Jennings in the beginning of your career?

Lyfe: I don’t really try to change stuff. And not that I would change this thing right here, [but] I would work with more artists. In the beginning of the career and even now I don’t work with a lot of people. That’s not really my thing, but I would definitely work with more artists– more features and stuff like that.

GFM: Would you like to write and produce for other artists, or are you just strictly talking features?

Lyfe: Both actually. I tend to look at my songs as personal. Even now, if I would write for somebody, I would have to talk to them in depth– spend the day with them and just get a feel for their life and then write about it. I’ve always felt like if I write a song it has fit you. I don’t want it to just be a good song, like, ‘I wanna cover this song that Lyfe did.’ I want something that you’re gonna sing like it’s a part of you– because it is.

GFM: Speaking of covering songs I saw a clip a while back. I guess [it was] two years, maybe even three [years ago] that you did for the Grammys. Not the actual telecast, but a Grammy-related video where you sang “Human Nature” and it was so beautiful. What was that event? Tell us what that was about because it was so beautiful.

Lyfe: Every season the Grammys finds somebody to feature. You have to pick an artist’s song. I think the [featured] artist at that time was Michael Jackson and you just pick a song that you would’ve loved to have done and I just picked that song.

GFM: What I’ve always wanted to know and what the Grown Folks may not know is how you came to call yourself Lyfe.

Lyfe: My name actually used to be “Music For Life”, but then you know I was in the joint at the time and the guys were like, ‘That’s too long, man. You should just call yourself Life because you speak about life situations.’ I changed the I to a Y because I had a lot of questions on ‘Why is this, why is that?’ That’s mainly what I wrote about, so that’s how it came about.

GFM: What’s your definition of Grown Folks Music?

Lyfe: Music that expands you. Music that will take you on your growth and not stagnate your growth. Right now in my life I’m so disappointed with music in general– at least black music so to speak.

GFM: What’s disappointing about it in your opinion?

Lyfe: I think that either people don’t understand or they skip over [it] when they do understand because it won’t be as profitable in the beginning stages of it, but i just think that as a race of people we put things on radio that are not conducive to growth at all… zero growth. It’s actually conducive more so to de-evolution. We don’t even understand that through this music we create industries, and these industries are just more ways that the powers that be keep us in slavery. All we do is not only do we continue this, we make it worse and worse. I just see something terrible in the future, by all these different things that grow out of this music just for our civilization as a whole.

GFM: Who is Lyfe Jennings?

Lyfe: These personal personas man… I don’t really get into ’em. Lyfe Jennings is an avatar. I don’t look at that as me. Even though you see Lyfe Jennings it kind of concludes my persona, but in reality it’s what the people need him to be at that time. They have a certain viewpoint of Lyfe Jennings and so I make sure that I keep that viewpoint on the top of the gate because that’s what helps them and that’s what they can take advice from.

Lyfe Jennings current album, Tree of Lyfe is out and available at iTunes.

Connect with Lyfe Jennings:

On Facebook
On Twitter
On Instagram


Kimberly Kennedy Charles (DJKKC) is trying to navigate life (in a minivan, no less) as a wife, mother, caregiver to Grandmother and writer in the 'burbs of Atlanta.

#MJMondays: Michael Jackson: “You Are Not Alone”

Posted on October 12th, 2015 by

It’s MJ Monday Y’all!


Kimberly Kennedy Charles (DJKKC) is trying to navigate life (in a minivan, no less) as a wife, mother, caregiver to Grandmother and writer in the 'burbs of Atlanta.

#Birthdays: Daryl Hall: Hall and Oates: “Sarah Smile”

Posted on October 11th, 2015 by

Happy Birthday Daryl Hall!


Kimberly Kennedy Charles (DJKKC) is trying to navigate life (in a minivan, no less) as a wife, mother, caregiver to Grandmother and writer in the 'burbs of Atlanta.

#Documentaries: Sandra St. Victor Launches DAUGHTERS OF SOUL Pledge Campaign

Posted on October 11th, 2015 by

Singer/songwriter Sandra St. Victor has launched a PledgeMusic campaign for a documentary, soundtrack and tour for the daughters of six soul legends– Nina Simone, Donny Hathaway, Chaka Khan, Bill Withers, Syl Johnson,
Sly Stone and Cynthia Robinson.

daughters of soul

From the Press Release:

Daughters of Soul are now pre-selling their documentary, recording of the soundtrack and tour experiences through PledgeMusic.

These women are daughters of soul legends, but all are amazing artists in their own right, each with an individual voice and performance. Their unforgettable parents include soul icons Nina Simone, Donny Hathaway, Chaka Khan, Bill Withers, Syl Johnson, Sly Stone and Cynthia Robinson of The Family Stone.

Daughters Lalah Hathaway, Lisa Simone, Indira Khan, Kori Withers, Syleena Johnson and Sylvette ‘Phunne’ Stone make this amazing line up “Daughters of Soul” a thrilling, dynamic experience.

This project not only verifies that talent and soul are inherent in DNA, but it tells the poignant stories of these ladies, who’ve grown up under some of the most influential names Black American musical culture has ever produced.

Award winning film company, Zeppers Film + TV out of Amsterdam is in the process of making this historic film a reality. Along with triumphant performances, this documentary also reveals their trials and everyday lives.

“Being able to interact with our fans along the way makes this extremely special and personal for us all. We are thrilled to bring them along for the ride, to get down deep with us as we uncover the back-stories of our childhoods, and paths toward self-discovery into womanhood. Let’s make some history happen!”

All pre-orders come with the AccessPass, which gives pledgers access to exclusive behind the scenes content and videos, and more. Fans will the opportunity to purchase signed CDs, documentary DVDs and hand written lyric sheets and will have access to a few once in a lifetime items. Some of the most exclusive items available are:

* A VIP Wine & Women upgrade pass to have after show drinks with the Daughters of Soul
* A day in the studio, in Los Angeles, for the making of the soundtrack
* A Daughters of Soul VIP concert experience in LA or London, with sound check and backstage access, (travel and lodging not included)
* A Lalah Hathaway VIP concert experience, worldwide (travel and lodging not included)
* A documentary screening party in LA or Amsterdam, (travel and lodging not included)

To pledge, please visit:

PledgeMusic is the number one community of artists and fans that believe in a better way to make, enjoy and buy music.

PledgeMusic was named as one of The Worlds Top 10 Most Innovative Companies of 2015 in Music for “Helping artists and fans get what they want”. – Fast Company

Daughters of Soul:


Kimberly Kennedy Charles (DJKKC) is trying to navigate life (in a minivan, no less) as a wife, mother, caregiver to Grandmother and writer in the 'burbs of Atlanta.

#NewMusic: Christopher Williams: “Too Late”

Posted on October 9th, 2015 by

Growns, Christopher Williams, who is one of our favorite R&B male crooners is back with “Too Late”– his first new record in many years. We understand that this is an introduction for many listeners (if the songs makes it to radio… but that’s an editorial for another time) so it fits in nicely in the current musical atmosphere. It doesn’t sound dated, but it doesn’t try too hard either. However the initiated, the Growns if you will, are sorely missing strong male vocalists in R&B, so we were hoping for a ballad. Even though Mr. Williams has been off the music scene for a while, the pipes are untouched and we wanna hear him belt out a tune. But baby steps Growns… baby steps. Welcome back Christopher Williams.


Facebook: /ChristopherWilliamsOfficial

Twitter: @RealMenSingCW

Instagram: @ChristopherWilliams_Bx


Kimberly Kennedy Charles (DJKKC) is trying to navigate life (in a minivan, no less) as a wife, mother, caregiver to Grandmother and writer in the 'burbs of Atlanta.

Columbia Nights – In All Things

Posted on October 9th, 2015 by


I had an experience recently, an experience that doesn’t happen that often these days for a number reasons. One could perhaps blame it on time. Another reason that is used for not participating in these experiences is technology. I would submit though, that perhaps the real reason I don’t(and perhaps others don’t)have these experiences anymore is the artistry itself. You see, Columbia Nights the D.C. based trio made an album. No, an actual album. What do you mean kind sir? I’m glad you asked… Read the rest of this entry »