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#GetGrown: Yuna: “Crush” (Feat. Usher)

Posted on October 27th, 2016 by


Get Grown.


Kimberly Kennedy Charles (DJKKC) is trying to navigate life (in a minivan, no less) as a wife, mother, caregiver to Grandmother and writer in the 'burbs of Atlanta.

Inside The Album Podcast: Jesse Johnson – “Shockadelica”

Posted on October 27th, 2016 by


Check out the latest offering from the GFM Podcast Network! This episode of Inside The Album is all about Jesse Johnson’s Shockadelica enjoy!

GFM Concert Pics: Damien Escobar’s Boundless Tour in Atlanta!!

Posted on October 26th, 2016 by
Damien Escobar performing at CenterStage in Atlanta.

Damien Escobar performing at CenterStage in Atlanta.

So when I attended Damien Escobar’s Boundless Tour, I really didn’t know what to expect. By word of mouth, I’d been hearing some really good things. In his video performances, they had a very attractive appeal. However, I wasn’t completely sure how that would translate on the stage.

As a first time viewer, I will say if you really enjoy seeing musicians who breathe a certain artistry, Escobar strings together a beautiful and personal journey of music you will surely remember. If you didn’t catch him in Atlanta this past weekend, here are our pictorial highlights from the show.

To see when The Boundless Tour will be coming to your city, check out his tour schedule for upcoming dates!

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About WestStyle Chronicles

My name is Hope West but you can call me WestStyle Chronicles. From video, photography, interviews and blogging, my music adventures always leave me juggling a lot but I wouldn't have it any other way. Whether being funny, opinionated or just plain entertaining, I always keep it 100% WestStyle. To see my wild ride in the world of music, catch my adventures at the one & only....Grown Folks Music!!!! 🙂

#NowPlaying: Keke Wyatt: “Jodeci” from Rated Love Deluxe CD

Posted on October 26th, 2016 by


Growns, earlier in 2016 Keke Wyatt released her album Rated Love. Recently, she added a few bonus tracks and released a repackaged version of the album called Rated Love DELUXE. One of those bonus tracks is “Jodeci”, which takes a page from the current trap soul/r&b sound permeating the airwaves with a Jodeci track sample bubbling underneath.

We’re almost sure this is an attempt to attract a certain audience, so in terms of marketing we understand this song. But, it’s our opinion that Rated Love was already a solid album with more of a pop and even country slant that we aren’t sure it needed “Jodeci” to “round it out” for any reason except to draw more attention to the album and get it heard by more people… and yes, the album deserves to be heard by the masses.

However, the one thing that is unarguably good is Ms. Wyatt’s strong vocal delivery. Her vocals are among the best out right now.

Growns, tell us what you think of “Jodeci”, because we know this song has an audience.

Also, catch Keke Wyatt and her husband Michael Jamar Ford in the new season of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars on Wetv.


Kimberly Kennedy Charles (DJKKC) is trying to navigate life (in a minivan, no less) as a wife, mother, caregiver to Grandmother and writer in the 'burbs of Atlanta.

Inspiration Is Everywhere

Posted on October 25th, 2016 by

Daisy Jane

I’m writing this post partially out of inspiration and partly out of being somewhat miffed. My miffery(is that a word? lol) is because I get really bothered when I read the ideas of persons who claim to be experts in a field yet they posit ideas that are often devoid of a complete contextual picture because they are too busy advancing an agenda that logic and reason often leave the room. Now at this post you may be asking yourself why have I posted a screencap of lyrics from America’s 1975 composition “Daisy Jane” and then the song itself? Well… if you just listen you will undeniably hear the influence that this particular song had on a song that is held in high esteem in the canon of Black Music – Janet Jackson’s “Let’s Wait A While”.

If you’ve every had the opportunity to read, view or listen to an interview with Jimmy Jam (I had the pleasure of interviewing him myself) he talks extensively of the influence of AM Radio and Pop music on his musicianship and his writing and production. In the early to mid 1970’s numerous Pop/Rock (some may even say Soft Rock) groups in the vein of America held sway over the radio dial. The influence that these artists had on Black Artists is undeniable – you could simply stop at The Isley Brother’s 1971 Opus Giving It Back if you wanted to illustrate the two street that inspiration is or you could bring to mind that one of the greatest writers of song of all time Steveland Morris went on the record to state that “Living For The City” is an outgrowth of his fondness for Blood, Sweat & Tears “Summer In The City”.

The point is this… we know how incredibly influential Black Music has been on the totality of American Music. Black Music is quite simply at the core of the sound of all music created in this country whether people want to acknowledge it or not. Where I have a problem, a beef if you will is when folks discuss this great music and its creators as if somehow they created music in a vacuum. Many are so quick to point out the influence of Black Music ( and rightfully so given the sordid history of non-attribution, the Pat Boone effect etc., etc.,) but for me you lose all credibility when you don’t acknowledge that the influence at times can run the other way and create something that moves the music further – just from that little bit of influence that adds something different to the pot.

I titled this post “Inspiration Is Everywhere” because I believe it truly is… I also believe that if you truly want to be inspired and create art that helps the music progress you need to spend some time listening, learning, analyzing and creating music that comes from “outside” so that when you bring it inside and put your proverbial spin on it something new and beautiful is birthed.

“As many proclaim content is King, I serve as a reminder that context is Grown!”

#JodeciFridays: Jodeci: “Love U 4 Life”

Posted on October 21st, 2016 by


It’s Jodeci Friday Y’all!


Kimberly Kennedy Charles (DJKKC) is trying to navigate life (in a minivan, no less) as a wife, mother, caregiver to Grandmother and writer in the 'burbs of Atlanta.

#GetGrown: Solo: “Where Do You Want Me To Put It”

Posted on October 20th, 2016 by


Get Grown.


Kimberly Kennedy Charles (DJKKC) is trying to navigate life (in a minivan, no less) as a wife, mother, caregiver to Grandmother and writer in the 'burbs of Atlanta.

#GetGrown: An Explanation

Posted on October 20th, 2016 by

Grown Ups

#GetGrown what is it all about? You see it all the time around these parts but what does it really mean? I think being grown is all about balance and balance is the key to everything. So how does one #GetGrown? I think you #GetGrown by what you input and then how you utilize those inputs. I think a lot of folks struggle because they input a lot of garbage. As the old adage says garbage in garbage out and we’re presented with a lot of garbage.

These inputs and your level of #Grown have nothing to do with age at all. It has everything to do with taste. Taste is acquired and as such is something that is learned. We don’t come out with an innate sense of taste. In regards to taste many just flock to the lowest common denominator because that’s what we have the easiest access to. As we often see around these parts when you know better you do better. I think the reason that a lot of people aren’t able to do better is because they don’t know better. I don’t believe there is one particular way that’s right or wrong but we must be able to concede that there are more choices than what’s thrust upon us on a daily basis by the popular media. That’s the first step to #GetGrown

Now go ahead and press play