Nawl, for real? Yep. For real!

This is not the combination of two great tastes to form one great candy bar, gossip and music that is… but that’s where we are. Entire careers are built upon rea-al-litea as opposed to what you can do musically. I’m not saying that it’s all bad(I mean I like the escape from my own weird reality from time to time). But, when you bill yourself as a music blog yet all you promote is the gossip surrounding musicians please attend soundcheck tomorrow at Madison Square for there will be many seats for your taking.

I’m not going to say any names… 1. Because there are too many sites masquerading these days like they care about music, when really all their care about are views and if we really told the truth they want to be celebrities themselves 2. If I was to name names that would be like oh I don’t know: Gossip.

For the record(yes really bad and old pun because yeah) I. Do. Not. Care. about the private lives of public musicians. I don’t. I only care if the music moves me. Hell, I don’t care about the private life of the person serving me fries at the drive-thru which in all honesty has more of a direct (albeit small) connection to my life than the musical offerings of artist XYZ. But again, it’s all about clicks and views… the music sounds like it too (click and view music) and the “reporting”, “editorializing” or whatever you want to call it is: what’s ten levels below sophomoric? All I”m saying is if writing was a challenge in your educational pursuits and you never sought to address those challenges, those shortcomings can possibly reveal themselves at the most inopportune times like oh I don’t know… all of them.

But before anyone decides to accuse me of being Arthur’s chaffeur, let me just put on some music because that’s what we do ’round here.