Sounds of the Season, yet looking at the date it’s November 3.

Yes, I’m posing the y, y, and why??? As in, why is there a station here in town not only playing Christmas music on November 3rd, but they basically began doing this on October 31st. I could even get my last good taste of the “Monster Mash” in and we’ve totally skipped over and disrespected “Over The River and Through The Woods” and “We Gather Together” and went straight for the “Winter Wonderland”. I mean I like a good “Deck The Halls” as much as anyone else… but er uh really?

I mean it’s bad enough that the Christmas displays seem to come out earlier and earlier each year, but what happens when musically you’ve heard every possible Christmas three times before it’s even December let alone Christmas Day? Certainly, I have a choice and I will be exercising that choice not to listen until such time as I feel ’tis the Season. But what about the babies? The babies? 🙂