I promised myself I wasn’t going to go off on this P.Y.T remix with T-Pain but damnit, they f**ked this up so bad, it would be a shame to be silent!! When my GFM crew schooled me to this travesty, I just shook my head and asked the Lord to please forgive me for the words I was about to say. It’s one thing when T-Pain wants to f**k up a contemporary artist today. Hell, most of them aren’t really on a high musical caliber anyway so you’re really not destroying much.  But when you get off your “little yellow bus” of musical mediocrity and travel the fast lane of iconic greatness, you have created a f**ked up situation and forgot yo’ damn lane. So to commemorate this blasphemous scenario, we decided to do a battle of the worst Michael Jackson remake. First we have the current heavyweight winner of T-Pain with the P.Y.T remake single against our challenger The Hip Hop Dalmatians with The Hoe is Mine.  Cast your vote!

If you ask me, they both sound like azz. And by the way, why does the head record exec in the Brown Sugar clip look like Phonte from The Foreign Exchange?!? Phonte, were you moonlighting, man!?! 🙂