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Vinx update:
Hi, just so you hear it from me…. the rumor is true….. I have moved from the humid, deep and dirty South, to the crisp, cool mountains of New Hampshire. This past year has been a time of change and focus for me. I am now living in a renovated barn on a mountain-top lake, just outside the hip and artsy town of Keene NH. I am recording new music and touring with a band again. I am teaching and inspiring where I can, via EAX (Eclectic Artist Exchange workshops), the Berklee College of Music and the Songwriter Soul Kitchen Retreats. I am writing movie scripts and children books. I am living close to the woman I love with my Mom’s blessing. I am getting healthy and strong (hopefully lean as well). I am on FIRE!

In the next 2 months there are 2 special shows;

Jan. 25 Tuesday I return to Washington DC @ Blues Alley for 2 shows 8 & 10pm
Feb. 10 Thursday I’ll record a live CD with some special friends (Greg Poree, Munyungo, Mark E. Smith, Angel Luis Figuroa, Mitchell Long, Billy Kent) in Los Angeles @ Molly Malones 8pm

All my trials, tribulations and experiences have led me to believe that I have a unique knowledge to pass along. I love my job and I really want to inspire and help others maintain the quality of our craft. Since working at Berklee College of Music for 5 summers, and hosting 23 Songwriter Soul Kitchen Retreats, my teaching chops are finely tuned these days. So…I am excited to announce “private sessions with Vinx”.

For $1500, I will work with 1 artist from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon. Work can include advice on the clients’ songs, co-writing, producing, recording and other work to be decided upon in advance of contract. Lodging and food will be provided by Vinx at the Barn or the B&B. If you are interested in a project that would take more time or involve other musicians, I am open to discussing the possibilities. For booking and for more information call Jenn Lambert (603-674-4656).

I know that all of you are not musicians yourselves, but if you are a fan of mine then you have an appreciation for the craft. If you know of someone that would benefit from working with me, please refer them. Better yet…consider sponsoring them in a session with me. It would be a life-changing gift. In today’s world, it is rare for independent artists to find the support and encouragement that so often can make the difference in their career. I hope to make that difference.

In this New Year I hope you bask in the glow and genius of your own creativity.

Vinx De’Jon Parrette

Check out Eric Roberson’s Fab 5 f/Vinx after the jump. (How ironic is the music playing in the background??)