Green Tea and Apple Jac (aka Uncle Shecky) have joined forces to bring you the The Crazy Eights EP, Dosage II: The Remixes and what a musical collaboration this project has produced!

Full of sonic twists and turns, a colorful palette of harmony and replete with a lyrical cornucopia, this is what I term “future music”. This project challenges in the best way possible the conventions of R&B(which btw, in my humble opinion, is long overdue). The tracks and performances herein are not of the music by the numbers we’re getting money because we sound like the 10 other flavor of the month tracks that play incessantly on commercial radio. No it’s not that kind of party.

Quite frankly, if I had my way every so-called urban (or whatever they call the format these days) program director would feel the utmost shame that they have not added “Power” (it’s a head-nodder) to their drive time show in heavy rotation as well as “WHY OWE EWE (Y.O.U.)” and a few other tracks from the set to the late night programming.

But that’s why we have the ‘net, the home of the real pulse of music because while the aforementioned P.D.’s are lobbying for a new Kisscalade real music by real artists is being made. On the ‘net we all have the power of a P.D. so let’s network together and collectively support this great music.

To purchase The Crazy Eights EP, Dosage II: The Remixes follow the link here.