Over a month ago we began our “Grow the Hell Up!” campaign. Now it’s time for part two of our three part series.

How the series works is first a manifesto of sorts is posted for each focus area, followed by a commentary on each point of the manifesto with not only rhetoric but some workable solutions. We would love for this process to be as interactive as possible so after the initial posting of each manifesto we would love to hear your feedback and incorporate your ideas into the commentary portion of the series.

Remember this is all in love!

Up this week: Artists

The Grow the Hell up Manifesto(Artist Edition)

1. Act your age not your shoe size.

2. Learn that the most important aspect of social media is the social aspect.

3. Whenever possible, try to be as knowledgeable about the craft of music that you are involved in. The craft first, the business second.

4. You’re not hot until someone other than your “peoples”, moms or play cousins says so…unprompted.

5. Realize that if you don’t stay true to yourself, that whatever you produce, it’s been done before.

6. Get out of your bedroom, off your laptop and in front of people.

7. Patience: Ask yourself are you trying to make cash or a career? If you are trying to make cash go study to be an attorney.

8. Evaluate: Are you indie by choice or default?

9. Define: Your definition of what it means to be grown/adult should not come from Vivid Enertainment, Skinemax or Joe Francis. Being grown means a lot more than what those companies sell. Being grown means being responsible, not perfect and certainly not a prude, but responsible.

10. Understand that if you keep hearing, that your music is not that great…it might not be that folks are hating, it might be…